The oboe and English horn each have about 25 screws, whose proper adjustment is essential to clean note connection, smooth key response and good intonation.

Now, for the first time, a book offers the player and woodwind technician detailed explanations and turnkey instructions for adjusting any oboe or English horn perfectly.

  • A major contribution to our field.

    – Ryan Roberts
  • The Adjustment of the Oboe and English Horn is the perfect tool
    for developing a skill every oboist should have.

    – Mark Chudnow
  • A must for the libraries of professionals who want to be self-sufficient

    in the day-to-day upkeep of their instruments.

    – Sherry Sylar
  • After reading this guide, I applied the methods he suggests to

    my own instruments and they’ve never played better.

    – Philip Ross
  • David Greenwald’s book demystifies the process and will be a great help
    to anyone who wants to develop their skills.

    – Sven Buller

The Adjustment of the Oboe and English Horn explains:

  • the function of each adjustment screw;
  • how to use paper test strips to assess pad closure;
  • how to correct imperfections in adjustment through diagnostic playing tests specific to each screw;
  • how to tune certain notes;
  • how to optimize the response of certain keys.